Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome to my demographic

In the little fitness center at my apartment complex, a flat-screen TV is attached to the wall in an upper corner. It receives a large number of cable channels, including audio services that play music continuously. When I'm there by myself,  I like to tune in to the classical station while I'm plodding along on the the treadmill. Of course, this being TV, there are a few still visual features: the name of the piece that is playing, of course; close-up photos of instruments, scores and flowers; and rotating advertisement placards. The advertisers must have a very clear idea of who is listening to this station, because all of their products and services are aimed at one age group. Guess which one from the following, partial list:

Senior Life medical insurance
Life Alert
Do you suffer from back or knee pain?
 Reverse mortgages from AAG — the Fred Thompson outfit. Obviously, the Fonz would be too scary.

No acne medications, naturally. Not even Viagra.


1 comment:

Cal said...

Viagra will be on the golf channel, along with brokerage firms and luxury cars. Not that either of us would watch that channel. I'm just saying.