Monday, February 11, 2013

Headline of the year

We were sitting in the editorial meeting todaty, trying to think of a brief headline — or "hammer" — for the front-page articles on the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI. Our content editor Samantha Gray came up with the prizewinner, which, unfortunately, we couldn't use:

Exit Benedict

Pure genius.

The NY Daily News could get away with it, or the Daily Mail, if it still existed.


Cal said...

If he gives up his papal name, wouldn't he become ex-Benedict? But I am standing on the shoulders of giants. Exit Benedict is excellent.

Joe Barron said...

The Irish Daily Star did run the hammer "Ex-Benedict" on the front page after the pope's anouncement. It strained the pun even further in the subedeck by saying the church "scrambles" to find a successor. It appears to be one of those jokes that many people think of independently - synchonricity of humor.