Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Relevant Tones on WFMT

This was sent to me yesterday in reponse to my post about the cancelation of "Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde." While I applaud the programing of modern music in all its forms, few of the shows listed below fill the gap for me. For the most part, this show seems closer to Marvin's regular "Classical Discoveries" program than the avant-garde edition. 

Hi Joe,

I came across your blog entry on Liberated Dissonance via Sequenza 21, and while I am disappointed to hear about Marvin Rosen's show being canceled, I did want to let you know that contemporary music on major broadcast stations is alive and well over at WFMT in Chicago. I produce a weekly program called "Relevant Tones" that celebrates the accomplishments of contemporary composers… here are some of the shows we've featured in the last year:
11-01: Michael Daugherty's Metropolis Symphony
11-02: The Modern Piano
11-03: Improvising
11-04: George Flynn
11-05: Composers inspired by Radiohead
11-06: Mystical Minimalists, Part 1: Arvo Pärt
11-07: Mystical Minimalists, Part 2: John Taverner
12-03: Mystical Minimalists, Part 3: Henryck Gorecki
12-01: eighth blackbird
12-02: Gabriel Prokofiev
12-04: JacobTV/Fulcrum Point
12-05: Electric Guitar
12-06: CD Grab Bag
12-07: Gabriela Lena Frank
12-08: Chicago Composers' Orchestra
12-09: Doug Cuomo & Arjuna's Dilemma
12-10: Remixes
12-11: ACM Weekly Readings
12-12: Boulez's Notations
12-13: Lincoln Trio Live
12-14: Spectral Music
12-15: Bang on a Can, Part I
12-16: Bang on a Can, Part II
12-17: Bang on a Can, Part III
12-18: Starting from Scratch
12-19: Thirsty Ear Festival (live)
12-21: Anna Clyne
12-22: John Cage & Third Coast Percussion
12-24: Fall Season Preview
12-25: Just Intonation
12-26: Atlanta School
12-27: 60x60 Electronic Music live request show
12-28: Lisa Bielawa
12-29: Maya Beiser
12-32: George Flynn special, Part I
12-34: George Flynn special, Part II
12-35: dal niente
12-36: Aaron Jay Kernis
12-37: Xmas Grab Bag
12-38: Robert Lombardo
13-01: Haitian Composers/Crossing Borders Music Collective
13-02: Eve Beglarian 
13-04: Esa-Pekka Salonen
We've received nothing but positive feedback and encouragement from our listeners, so it gives me hope for contemporary music programmers in other markets. I hope you might be able to tune in sometime-- the program airs Saturdays at 5 PM Central on 98.7WFMT in Chicago and streaming via

With Kindest Regards,

Jesse McQuarters

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