Monday, August 13, 2012

Bend sinister

At the Sellersville Theater last Thursday, bassist Tom Fowler autographed my copy of the Roxy CD, and, in return, I autographed for him a copy of the article I about the Grandmothers. While I was signing, he said to me, "Do girls think you're weird because you're left-handed?"

"No," I said, "they think I'm weird for countless other reasons."

I hope everyone in the Northeastern U.S. got outside yestasrday. It was too beautiful a day to be cooped up in the apartment for any lenght of time. Philadelphia in August can be brutal, but at the moment we are enjoying the false fall. Yesterday was sunny but not too warm, and the humidity was low — the perfect day for a bike ride. I went through Pennypack Park, out Torresdale Avenue to Glenn Foerd, and then back past Northeast Philadelphia Airport, and for a brief time, I was happy.

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