Monday, March 21, 2011

Elliott Carter's new double concerto

To follow up on a previous post: It appears my lament for the end of Elliott Carter's career was premature. His latest piece, a 10-minute double concerto for piano and percussion titled Conversations, is now listed at the Boosey and Hawkes website. Completion date is given as 2010, and the first performance is scheduled for June 26 of this year. Soloist will be Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Colin Currie. Oliver Knussen will conduct the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

So that's good news: A new piece, from a 102-year-old man. Or maybe he was 101 when he finished it.


E. Henry Thripshaw said...

"concerto for piano and percussion titled Conversations"

Gee, isn't that the implicit title of every concerto he's ever written? Though at the age of 102 I probably shouldn't expect him to break any new ground.

Joe Barron said...

And not just implicit: in the past few years we've also had Dialogues, Interventions and Soundings. There does seem something a little redundant about this title, but what the heck. It's a music that counts, and he continues enrich us with it. How much "new ground" did Bach break at the end of his life? Or Brahms? And they were a lot younger. You find your voice, and you stick with it.